Concurrent Design

Solutions to streamline the design of complex engineering products and services.

The design timeframe and costs are reduced and optimized when it comes to the development of complex engineering projects.
We use a trusted methodology that has proven results. Our team supports the European Space Agency’s concurrent design facility.
The concurrent design methodology helps to customize complex engineering products to the wishes and needs of the most demanding clients.


Applying a consistent concurrent design approach right from the start has proven to save time and money to companies and their clients.

The Concurrent Design methodology brings multidisciplinary engineering teams together from early design stages of a complex product or system in partnership with the final customer.

RHEA Group is a pioneer in the implementation of concurrent design and the development of concurrent design platforms to support the methodology. Our concurrent design implementation services include the setup of the methodology, training, hands-on support, and audits. This offering is supported by the Concurrent Design Platform software that allows teams to interact and share engineering data in near real time.

Discover the three packages of our pioneering concurrent design offering.

Unleash your engineering potential
Concurrent design reduced the duration of feasibility studies by a factor of four
Concurrent design reduced the duration of feasibility studies by a factor of four
Piggy bank
Concurrent design reduced the cost of satellite designs by a factor of two
years collaborating with ESA’s Concurrent Design Facility
CDP4™ Beta: The Next Generation of Concurrent Design Platforms

Interact and share engineering data in real time. RHEA Group’s Concurrent Design Platform – CDP™ is the industry’s pioneering tool for the implementation of concurrent design processes. The software facilitates information exchange, allowing the team to come up with the design of a complex system in a collaborative way. CDP4™ implements ECSS-TM-10-25A and includes new features that will streamline your team collaboration:

  • Implicit and explicit modelling
  • Review support (RIDs)
  • Graphical modelling
  • Reporting
  • Web application



Streamlining Complex Engineering Processes in the Maritime Sector

Supporting the implementation of the concurrent design methodology to the sale, design development and detail design phases of several luxury yachts.

  • Leading concurrent design sessions
  • Supplying the basic foundation and support for the implementation of the methodology
  • Delivering on-site training
Maritime sector
“The RHEA Group team has really facilitated the implementation of the Concurrent Design method in our industry.”
Manager of Engineering at the Luxury Yacht Company

CDP™: Supporting the Design of e.Deorbit at Airbus Defence and Space

Enabling the architecture design of e.deorbit and customer collaboration.

  • Supporting the architecture design of ESA’s satellite e.deorbit
  • Allowing the team to share system parameters with the client
  • Enabling the customer to access and review the project’s system parameters
“The CDP model has allowed to keep the chaser configurations and budget under control.”
Stéphane Estable, Project Leader and System Architect
Airbus Defence and Space

Concurrrent Design Training at Technische Universität Dresden

Leading a three-day hands-on training for TU Dresden students

  • Supplying the basic foundation for the implementation of the concurrent design methodology in a simulated scenario
  • Hands-on training of the CDP
  • Analyzing design requirements, identifying different solutions and coming up with different design iterations
“It was great to see how the students embraced the methodology and went from a first iteration in which we had bespoke subsystem designs to integrated systems by the end of the second iteration.”
Sam Gerene, Senior System Engineer
RHEA Group

New CDP™ 3 release

Download applicable versions of the CDP™ from your customer download site.

CDP™ 3 version 3.12.33

CDP™ 3 version 3.11.54

CDP™ 3 version 3.10.90

These new releases include:

  • Sorting according to applied decomposition level
  • Reopen CDP™ Product Tree in same state as last closed
  • Support for navigating the CDP™ Product Tree
  • Improved Excel 2013 integration